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Wendy homes & Log Homes


Cliff Kitchens and Log Homes are experts in traditional wendy construction techniques and are setting the bar for Wendy homes in Gauteng that others would like to follow. Come visit Wendy Supplier & LOG-House to talk about the possibility of creating your own one-of-a-kind log home with boundless beauty.

The quality of our product, attention to detail, and understanding of log house construction are the finest in South Africa at Cliff Kitchens and Log Homes. From a tool shed to a log mansion, we create professional and tidy log homes for every application. We take pleasure in our unique, professional abilities in handcrafting magnificent Log Homes from raw materials at Cliff Kitchens and Log Homes. We provide the best design and construction service to assist you in building your ideal log house at a reasonable cost. Our building services are environmentally friendly.

We are situated in Gauteng, South Africa, however we service any region outside of Gauteng, providing you peace of mind that your ideal Log Home will be built. We don’t just make handcrafted log houses; we also make frame buildings, post and beam structures, custom rounded and milled goods, and are the best Log Homes distributor in Gauteng.