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Cupboards & Wardrobes

Because of the vast range of designs and colors available, vinyl wrap doors are quite popular these days. The only other alternatives on the market as a shaped door with or without a design on the door face are painted MDF and solid wood doors. A highly durable substance that is often used to produce a modern yet simple and beautiful design. The greatest part is that they are easy to clean and maintain because they do not scratch as readily as paint and/or varnish.

Using a few exceptions, vacuum-sealed or vinyl-wrapped doors are produced with the same substrate as painted doors. These doors are created by applying heat activated glue to the MDF or supawood substrate, then applying vinyl and heat to the surface of the doors, which is then pulled into the shape of the supawood substrate by high pressure vacuum suction. Vinyls come in a wide selection of colors and are fairly durable. They’ve come a long way since they were originally released on the market. As with most things, fashion influences which colors are added to and removed from our product line, so remaking a door is subject to material availability. Wrap doors are used on a regular basis.